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Water-Soluble Couple Orgasm Body Lubricant

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Water-Soluble Couple Orgasm Body Lubricant

Did you encounter these problems?

  • Difficult to orgasm, frigid, and no desire.
  • Husband and wife life is dull, and there is no passion for a long time.
  • Feminine love fluid secretion is less, and it is dry, painful, and unpleasant when entering.
  • Sweet wives have strong desires but the climax comes slowly.
  • No foreplay, want to go to the next level if I play tricks.
  • Having sex with my husband lasts too long.

Water-Soluble Couple Orgasm Body Lubricant is a high-quality water-based lubricant, with a menthol sensation, very thick, very slippery, and not easy to dry. Water-based lubricant is safe to use with latex and non-latex condoms because it is water-based which does not cause damage to the material used in the condom. Water-based lubricant is also easy to clean and very safe to use.

Overcoming dry intimate or anal organs so they don't hurt or blister during intercourse.


  • One-click To Open
  • Easy To Clean And Easy To Absorb
  • High-strength Wire Drawing
  • Deep Hydration, Sodium Hyaluronate
  • Use In Multiple Scenarios
  • Mild Formula, Weakly Acidic Liquid
  • Production Without Pollution
  • Hypoallergenic, Non-toxic, Odorless, And Flavorless
  • Water-based lube for body-friendly lubrication & foreplay massage.
  • Perfect compatible with all sex toy materials, safe to use with latex condoms.


  • Type: Super Smooth, Water-Based
  • Capacity: 100 ML/200 ML
  • Function: Vagina Anal Oral Breast Sex
  • Users: Male and Female
  • Usage: External, Sex Relax, Flirt
  • Feature: Non-greasy, Improve Sex Experience
  • Appearance: Transparent Liquid

Experience the thrill of the soul

1. Silky Smooth
Without foreplay, where can sex come from? Say goodbye to dry intercourse and go to the other side of passion!

2. Take Care Of Women
Weak acid liquid, mild and non-irritating, safe, and easy to use. Balance the pH value of women, in line with the pH balance of women's private parts.

3. Deep Moisturizing
Sodium hyaluronate is fully moisturizing. Moisturizing and locking water is more smooth, lasting moisturizing, smooth, and not dry.

4. Unique New Formula
Lubricating fluid is not only lubricating, but using lubricating fluid during sex can reduce friction so that men can experience more fun for a long time, and women can enjoy the smoothness and make it easier to orgasm. Men and women can experience different enjoyment, benefit with half the effort and increase their feelings for each other!

5. Versatile
Use on many occasions: couples intercourse, with toys, self-entertainment, caressing massage.

Package included

  • 1 x Sex Lubricant