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120 ML Ice-sensing Hot-sensing Anal Sex Lubricant

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It lubricates the vagina or anus and maintains firmness and elasticity, and can be used with condoms or other sex toys. Suitable for whole body massaging or lubrication and moisturizing vagina and anus. Water-soluble, odorless, tasteless, non-greasy, and non-toxic.

  • Natural Personal Lubricant, Water-Based Lube
  • 100% pure water-based lubricant
  • Hypoallergenic, clean and non-staining
  • Water-based lube designed for smooth sensation and soft skin
  • Premium materials for ultimate comfort and body safe
  • Prolonging pleasure time


  1. Water-soluble: 100% soluble in water. Give you the perfect experience.
  2. Multiple types: Thermal-type(Red), Ice-type(Blue), Water-soluble(Green), Slippery(Grey).
  3. Lubricating product for massage: The Anal Sex Lubricant can meet your all needs and fulfill all of your imagination, also can be used as an over-body lubricant
  4. Non-toxic: The lubricant is safe for the human body.


  • Type: lubricant
  • Product Name: Water-Based Lubricant Gel
  • Function: Vagina Anal Oral Breast Sex
  • Feature: Non-greasy
  • Color: Transparent Color
  • Ingredients: Fruit Liquid Purification, Organic Plant Extract Spices, Super Pure Water, Butanediol, Maltol, Citronella Citronella Extract
  • Types: Thermal-type, Ice-type, Water-soluble, Slippery.
  • Package: 120 ML
  • Single gross weight: 169 G

Package included

  • 1 x Lubricant